Bright. Energetic. Relatable. Sharing your good news with the world.

You have good news you want to tell the world (or maybe just your neighborhood?) I’m a Voice Actor who can make a brown paper bag sound colorful. Let's do this!

I’ll work with your budget and share in your vision.

I'm located in Nashville, TN. That's Central Time Zone. 

I’ve narrated audio books for Thomas Nelson Publishing, brought a super hero to life for The Tennessee Valley Authority, re-enacted a news report for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and inspired leaders through an e-learning course for Leading with Honor. Other clients include Penske Shocks, The Tennessee Lottery and Focus on the Family.

I spent 7 years as a News Anchor and Morning Show Host. So I know how to ad-lib, keep a conversation interesting and ask great questions. Plus, I dare you to test out my teleprompter skills. 

My well rounded performance background allows me to take direction well. My years of theatre, vocal study and my degree in communications allows me to customize my voice for the correct audience.

I'm also a mom of two, so I understand you've got more going on in your life than just needing the perfect voiceover. Let's keep it easy and get an outstanding project done with no added stress! 

Email me and we'll get started with your budget, your vision and deadlines. I can't wait to meet you!


Hear me and watch me!

Happy Clients